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Rings a bell for all parents: "Can I please have a sheet of paper for drawing?" Preferably in the place where one has things to do – study, kitchen, living room, etc. Sheets are plucked from printers and slips of paper are pulled from drawers. The PAPER TOOL comes to the rescue, you can roll the unit anywhere in the apartment. There is no need for a desk pad and no dining room table needs to suffer. Two children can draw on the same pad from two sides without difficulty. Can also be used as a stool and a side table. The drawing pad is multifunctional and highly popular with adults and children alike! Attention, no children's toy!

Fotos: Christine Liebold, Maren Janning


Drawing pad on lockable wheels suitable for parquet floor.
2.000 sheets of high-quality DIN A3 paper, single tearing.
Overall Dimension:
29,7 cm x 42 cm x 37,5 cm

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Salone Internazionale del Mobile, April 2015